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The best acoustic panels at the lowest price

It is no longer necessary to spend big amounts for professional acoustic treatment, contact us for free advice and get the exact quality of the acoustic panels to buy. We ship all over Europe.

Boutique acoustic treatment

Pikacoustics is a company specializing in the acoustic treatment of recording studios. On our website you can find acoustic panels which are mainly ideal for home studios. For recording studios aiming at a higher level we can design a customized acoustic treatment based on slat wall technology where we make extensive use of wooden slats that act as helmholtz resonators allowing to absorb low frequencies and reflect / diffuse highs. frequencies in order to create a bright, detailed and pleasant environment both in terms of aesthetics and sound thanks to the warmth given by the wood. We carry on the working method of the famous acoustic designer John Sayers after having studied and experimented his projects for years, we are among the few who can keep his techniques alive avoiding that his particular working methodology is forgotten over time. If you like the typical sound of American international productions you can put us to the test, we take care of the acoustic treatment of control room for mixing and mastering, vocal booth and recording room.