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Pik diffuser QRD 31N

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A classic one-dimensional QRD diffuser, it causes the dispersion of sound waves in a very wide frequency range. The high depth of the slits allows the low frequencies to be effectively dispersed. Ideal for use in professional listening rooms such as mastering and mixing rooms, also excellent in shooting rooms.

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Schroeder 1D acoustic diffuser designed for professional listening rooms. Its optimized design offers unidirectional diffusion over a wide frequency range by dissipating the energy of acoustic reflections against flutter echo formation in order to reduce reverberation time. Our diffuser is made of a high quality natural light wood and finds space in audiophile listening rooms, concert halls, philharmonic orchestras and any other interior where high quality sound is required.


Effective dispersion range: 573 Hz - 6142 Hz
Dimensions: 100cm / 50cm / 15.1 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Material: natural birch wood
Available colors: natural