If you do not know which products to buy for the acoustic correction of your room we offer a free consultation. To recommend the panels to buy we need the following information:

- Room dimensions (height, width and length)

- Photo of the room (if possible)

- Type of room to be treated (recording room for instruments, voice recording room, control room for mixing and mastering, hifi listening room, etc.)

- Any objects already present including: curtains, sofas or furniture

- If possible acoustic analysis data

On request we also offer acoustic measurement service at a cost of 150 euros.

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Many home studios buy expensive audio chains with beautiful preamps / compressors and EQ Neve, Amek, SSL, Millennia, Avalon or Neumann, AKG, Brauner microphones, etc. but they realize that the sound paste does not change, often it happens that studios with cheap equipment get far better microphone shots, why? While part of the difference is the engineer that manages to take the best of what he has, it may also be that the acoustics of the recording studio super cheap even if not treated as it should, it is better, it may be better for many reasons, because of the size or geometry of the room or even because the studio, with equipment more expensive has not made a acoustic treatment in place to improve the frequency response, has worsened. There are sound engineers to experience that being aware of the importance of the acoustics and prefer to focus on good treatment of the walls by reducing the investment in the equipment, obtaining exceptional results, you because your microphone Neumann will not sound very well in an environment with a bad reverberation time or with a frequency response of unbalanced while you can also do without the external preamp if you have a good preamp built-in sound card, an example is the compact and economical audio interfaces Focusrite clarett and Audient which are perfect to get some nice shots, clean, and if you need the character to that point, the answer is a, take a nice preamp Snow, but don't confuse the word "character" with the word "professional", you may get results pro both ways, of course, a good microphone and a good pre can add more detail and depth.

What do we do?

We do not only sell acoustic panels, we can realize projects with acoustic walls without the need for panels and offer an in-depth analysis through software. Having good acoustics is important both in a room for mixing or mastering and in a room for recording voices or instruments. Each of these rooms must have different characteristics.

Control room: a control room must have an ideal reverb time of 0.2 to 0.4 ms.
Instrument room: must have a reverb time from 0.4 to 0.6 ms
Vocal booth: must have very short reverb time from 0.1 to 0.3 ms
In addition to an ideal reverb time a good room must have a flat frequency response and free of harmful reflections.

Why choose us?

On the net there are so many companies that sell acoustic panels, each acoustic panel, even the cheapest such as the pyramid can be useful or useless, it all depends on what the room needs. The problem is that those who sell acoustic panels only do business and will never admit that with these panels it will not be possible to get a high-level room. Do you really believe that by hanging acoustic panels according to the size of the room you can get a good acoustics without analyzing it through an acoustic measurement? Each room has different problems because even a few centimeters of difference count, as Count the materials used for the walls, ceiling or floor, as well as the geometric shape.

It is no coincidence that important studies are made by acoustic walls without the use of these commercial panels. The rooms are treated with acoustic panels can improve the sound (it may even appear worse if made only according to the size of the room), but will not eliminate ever all of the reflections are harmful because usually companies like Gikacoustics, Auralex, Vicoustics,etc., propogono to cover the 20%-40% of walls by acting mainly only in the points of the first and second reflection, leaving free the abundant areas of flat wall with reflections that are harmful. So forget about getting the sound like that of domestic or international productions. There are three types of acoustic reflections, axial, oblique and tangential reflections. The most harmful reflections are the axials that are generated in the presence of two parallel walls and can be eliminated by treating completely one of the two walls, in this way remain the tangential and oblique reflections that compared to the axials do not unbalance the room frequency response of 20 or 30 db. A common room will never have an ultra-flat frequency response, but there is a tolerance to respect.

We can say that through the kits of the famous commercial acoustic panels you can achieve a semi-professional acoustics, instead with a customized acoustic design you can achieve a highly professional result, just like the respectable studio environments.

Professional semi acoustic correction
(Acoustic consulting is free if you purchase the kit we will provide according to the characteristics of your room)

What you see above is the example of a semi professional acoustic correction through acoustic panels such as those present on our website or those of competitors such as Gikacoustics, Vicoustic, Auralex, etc. The wrong thing is that most of these companies will simply ask for the size of your room, therefore based on these parameters they will recommend the panels to buy without even taking a measurement. This is just marketing !! Do not delude yourself in doing this way a high level recording studio because if you are demanding the only way to go is to cover almost the entire surface of the room with diffusers, absorbents and membrane panels tuned to certain frequencies not absorbable with the classics broadband panels. Usually these companies offer to cover no more than 30% of the walls, this is too little. Due to some technical limitations it is not possible to completely cover the walls through the broadband acoustic panels as in addition to becoming extremely expensive, the absorbent panels 10-15 cm thick will not be able to absorb the low frequencies in a linear way, they will tend to absorb mainly medium-high frequencies, making the frequency response unbalanced to the point that it will not be enough to put bass traps in all angles. A perfect room should be treated almost or even completely through the use of membrane resonators, absorbers and loudspeakers that will allow not to completely eliminate the reverberation time, keeping the room alive.

Furthermore, it is incorrect to indicate panels based only on the size of the room, each room is different and even a few centimeters of difference can generate different results. The sound of the room also varies with the materials used internally, the type of floor, the type of wall and the distance of the plasterboard from the original wall. Plasterboard itself is an acoustic membrane panel which, based on what is spaced from the concrete wall, is tuned to absorb a certain area of ​​frequencies by rejecting others.

Professional acoustic correction - The price of the consultancy including acoustic measurement is 1200 euros

Attention this is the acoustic treatment based on the American model, your productions will have a more precise and characteristic sound, if instead you opt for a more natural and less characteristic sound we can perform a more Italian acoustic treatment that usually has a longer reverberation time and less controlled reflections. (If you opt for professional acoustic treatment it will not be necessary to purchase acoustic panels but only the materials to build the acoustic walls)


What you see in the photo above is the example of a professional acoustic treatment where all the walls are almost completely treated. If you want the most from your environment you can choose our personalized acoustic correction service where we will sell you a customized design through careful software analysis. The walls will be gradually treated by taking measurements to ensure that you are going in the right direction, all without the need to purchase acoustic panels. In some cases we design a mixed acoustic made from acoustic walls with the integration of panels for corrective use. The control rooms are designed through the use of resonator panels which are covered by walls filled with mineral wool so that they also linearly absorb frequencies below 100 Hz.

What result is offered?

We offer a result certified by acoustic analyzes with an ideal reverberation time and with a flat frequency response. Here is an example of a room with a balanced frequency response