2 Pik Panels diffuser sound QRD 2D 60x60

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Schroder's 2D acoustic diffuser. It produces an effective multi-directional sound diffusion for a wide spectrum of wave angles. Positioned at the first reflection points it improves stereo separation and surround sound.

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Pik diffuser sound QRD 2D is a two-dimensional Schroeder 7N + 1 speaker designed for recording rooms, control rooms, mixing rooms, mastering and listening rooms. Its application causes the omnidirectional dispersion of the middle frequencies, improving the space and the sound detail.

QRD 2D is entirely made of natural hardwood that is more massive and less fragile than Hofa diffuser acoustic panels that are very light and built with a thinner and cheaper wood, it also has a size of 60x60cm compared to the 50x50 cm of the Hofa panel, these details add-ons we offer have a positive influence on the acoustic diffusion yield. The symmetrical design allows modular assembly for walls or ceilings. Its use reduces reverberation, compensates for the tonal response and eliminates the effect of the comb filter.


Effective scattering range: 730 Hz - 3250 Hz
Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 15cm
Dispersion type: 2D (2D)
Weight: 4 kg
Material: birch wood
Available colors: natural (Oak color is also available on request, at a higher price)