1. General Information

1. The following rules govern the purchase of the Pikacoustics online store

Whenever norms relate to:

Sellers - means Pikacoustics.
Customer - means a natural person with at least a limited legal capacity of 18 years of age and a legal entity or organizational unit without legal personality.
Order - this is the Orders for Goods or Goods (Purchase Offer) made by the Customer in accordance with these Rules.
Store - this is understood by the online store, managed by the seller at www.pikacoustics.com
Goods or Goods - means Goods or Goods offered by the Seller to the retailer in the Store.
The delivery cost of the goods is understood as the delivery cost of the goods ordered by the Customer.
Suppliers - this is understood by the courier company that cooperated with the Seller
Price - means the price of the goods placed in each commodity. Prices are in euro and dont include IVA. The price does not include the delivery cost of the goods to the place indicated by the Customer (see Delivery Costs).

2. The seller declares that all products offered are free of physical and legal defects.

3. The information provided on the Website of the Shop does not constitute an offer under the provisions of the Civil Code. The merchandise information along with the prices indicated on the store pages constitutes a call for proposals from the customers.

4. Negotiating clients is prohibited from providing illegal content.

5. The store is required to apply the code of good practice on the basis of art. 2 points. 5 of the Law of 23 August 2007 on the Counterfeiting of Unfair Market Practices as a set of rules of conduct and in particular ethical and professional standards, entrepreneurs who are committed to respecting them in relation to one or more market practices.

2. Types, scope and terms of services provided in electronic form

1. Pikacoustics sells goods through the Internet and provides consulting services.

2. Services provided in electronic form on the basis of these Terms and Conditions concern the use of the Pikacoustics.com Internet Shop to conclude a sales contract and its implementation.

3. The "NEWSLETTER" service is free and requires the consent to send commercial information as well as the indication of the email address to which the message should be sent.

4. To use the services provided under these Terms and Conditions, you must have:

Internet browser: version of Internet Explorer no older than 8.0 or Mozilla FireFox version older than 9.0 or Chrome version no older than 10.0 or Opera version no older than 10.0,
Enabled Java Script Support,
Cookies enabled,
active e-mail address
3. Order completion conditions

1. Orders are made throughout Europe.

2. Sending an order through the Store Web site is as follows:

By selecting the goods from the Store pages,
adding them to the cart,
choose how to pay and deliver,
Access the customer's account if the order is sent by the Customer
Provide the data you need to comply with the Order and accept these Terms and Conditions if the order is sent by an unregistered client.
By clicking the "order with payment obligation" button.
3. The customer receives an automatically generated e-mail on the e-mail address that requires the Order confirmation by clicking the link contained in the body of the message.

4. Delivery Time The order is counted from the time the payment is made to the seller's account in case of payment by bank transfer or card or from the time the order is confirmed by the customer, if the form of payment.

5. The completion time of the order can exceed 20 days from the date of conclusion of the contract, this is the time necessary to build the ordered panels.

6. The Seller shall provide the Customer with the goods covered by the Order together with the sales receipt in the form of a tax receipt or VAT invoice upon request. To issue an IVA invoice, please fill in the data required to issue an IVA invoice.

4. Payment Policy

1. The Goods Tax and any shipping charges may be settled by one of the following methods of payment:

a) bank transfer,
b) payment of the collection
c) payment made online through the online payment system Transferuj.pl.

2. In the case of payments made by bank transfer or payment to the seller's bank account, the transfer order must be entered in the transfer title: customer's name and order number.

5. Delivery of ordered goods

1. Delivery of the order is made by sending the goods ordered to the address indicated by the Customer via UPS and DHL courier in Europe. The cost of shipment is added to the cost of shipment according to the shipping cost table.

2. Customer is asked to check shipment status upon receipt. In the event of loss or damage to cargo customers, it is required to take all necessary steps to establish the carrier's liability, in particular the transfer of a delivery contract and the circumstances of the loss and signature at the same time part of the carrier and the recipient of the shipping protocol.

6. Return and exchange of goods

The return is not accepted if the panels are not defective. Furthermore we are not responsible for damages caused by the shipping courier. Before accepting a package, make sure there are no damages.