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A decorative acoustic panel designed to absorb reverb in a recording studio, which is a shooting room or a director. Light construction allows easy mounting on the wall or ceiling. Damping material inside the panel ensures the acoustic absorption of class A.

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Buy broadband absorbers acoustic with rockwool fiberglass. Picoustics broadband absorbers is a lightweight, decorative acoustic sound panel made with a solid wood frame filled with mineral wool that reduces the time of broadband reverberation, absorbing a wide range of frequencies from 80 to 15,000 hz. The panel can be mounted with its hooks on wall or ceiling, in recording studios, theaters, offices and public places. Rocky wool acoustical panel covered with a phonotransparent fabric, the best economic alternative at a lower price than the professional acoustic panels Gikacoustics 242 and Spot Panel, Hofa absorbers, Primacoustics Broadway, Auralex ProPanel, Vicoustic Flatpanel.


Absorption range: 80 Hz - 15000 Hz
Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 5 cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Available in 14 color variants