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Pik tube trap (Alternative to Hofa bass trap)

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Oval Bass Trap Trap / Tube Trap Pipe designed to eliminate the low resonances of the room. Its use eliminates noise in the room and improves readability.

Height 1m
Diameter: 30cm

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BassTrap Tube Trap is a high quality bass trap due to its oval shape and the use of high-density, high quality glass wool. The trap effectively eliminates resonances, especially in the corners of a shooting room, mixing room, mastering, or any environment that requires the absorption of frequency bands. Its application improves the dynamics and legibility of lower sound registers and makes sounds clean and contiguous. This is the economic alternative to Hofa Basstrap or Vicoustic Vari Bass.

Why buy our basstrap?

Tubetrap Paintings absorb most of the low-frequency resonances, especially in the corners, without overwhelmingly absorbing the mid-high frequencies that are useful to make the room live and natural. Our tubetrap is a nice solution especially for those who do not want to stick or fix panels on the walls or want a portable solution to treat the bass of any room.


Absorption: 50Hz - 250Hz
Diameter: 30cm
Height: 1m
Weight: 8kg