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Triangular Bass Trap - Improves the acoustics of each room by absorbing low frequencies and starting to operate from 40 hz upwards.


- 1M standard height
- Weight 9 kg
- Elegant design
- Contains in a set for the possible installation of the blanket
- Solid construction
- Available in many colors
- Shipment with solid protection

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These triangular acoustic panels can be useful in recording studios, home cinemas and listening rooms that need low-frequency treatment in the corners.

Tri-Trap bass traps are very effective due to the amount of contained glass wool that absorbs low bandwidth frequencies. These triangular bass traps are self-supporting and do not necessarily need to be installed on the walls, they can be placed one above the other up to the ceiling.

These bass traps will allow your rooms to get a balanced frequency response without the risk of doing damage, which often happens to inexperienced users who try to use membrane resonator panels that absorb frequencies more selectively.