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Music arrangements, online song arrangers with examples and costs

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Complete production of your song arrangement. Includes: arranging and mixing with any creative effects.


- Delivery time of about 20 days

- Up to 5 revisions

- HD audio

- For commercial use

- Separate or mixed audio tracks

- Up to 5 minutes of arrangement

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You already have a good song and you need help to record it with the right instruments, or you need more instruments for your music, or better yet you want an arrangement with audio tracks to really play or you would like to rearrange a song in a different musical genre ?

We at Pikacoustics can help you by entrusting the work to one of our professional arrangers, as long as you provide us with a demo of your song, even a simple recording made with the mobile phone with the melody of the voice is fine. You can also provide other useful details, such as your favorite musical genre and your favorite artists, so that we can offer you the desired solution. We have arrangers specialized in various musical genres, pop, rock, jazz, blues, metal, trap, dance, etc., we will entrust the work to the arrangers closest to the musical genre of your liking.

We are very thorough and do our best to make sure you get the perfect result. They often come to us songwriters, but there is no shortage of musical groups who prefer to entrust us with the work completely, despite having good musicians. Our service allows you to ask for up to 5 revisions.

Why choose us?

- We have years of experience in the field of musical arrangements;
- We have over 5 multi-instrumental arrangers
- Completed in a short time
- The copyrights will be completely yours and you will be able to exploit the song for commercial use
- You will get exclusive arrangements

How to request our music arrangement service?

To entrust us with the work of arranging your musical piece, complete the following steps:

1 - Order the arrangement on this page and make the payment

2 - Send us an audio with the melody and possibly the chords of your song to the email address [email protected], also tell us what kind of arrangement you would like to get, indicating songs or artists to take inspiration from, then we will reply as soon as possible and we'll start working on your song.

If you need something not listed in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us, we can make a personalized quote, please consider that the price may vary according to the difficulty of the project. In the meantime, we invite you to listen to some of the examples of the musical arrangements we have made at an affordable cost, a musical arrangement made with real instruments could cost thousands of euros, but we will not ask for extra money for the realization of the complete musical arrangement.

* Please take note: Major changes DO NOT count as a "revision"