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10 Pannel Studiofoam Pyramids 5,5 Cm

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Sound-absorbing panels 5,5 Cm

Density 30 Kg/mc

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Sound-absorbing panels 5.5 cm - absorbing panels with an excellent efficiency - price ratio. With these panels you can control and reduce the reverberation of recording studios and music rooms. In combination with the bass traps you can get a balanced sound thanks to their porous foam material with non-planar surface that acts in these ways:

1) The first principle of sound absorption by porosity. The porous materials absorb the sound with their small cells full of air, open to the environment.

2) The second principle is that of diffraction. The incident sound on the surface of the panel which has an "angular" shape is not reflected as it happens for the flat surfaces, therefore it is broken and redirected to random.

3) The third principle concerns the geometric pyramidal shape that causes the overall exposed surface to be higher than a panel with a flat surface.

What is the frequency?

In the audio, the frequencies are divided into frequency bands: bass (20-200 Hz), mid-bass (200-1000 Hz), mid-high (1000-5000 Hz) and high (5000-20000 Hz) ).
In fact, our hearing system is able to perceive sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz.

How to apply them?
The application of the panels is a very important phase for the audio correction. Depending on the size of your room we can provide appropriate solutions to achieve perfect acoustics.